Water Damage Restoration

24/7 Service Available

When your home has an urgent need for water damage repair, Carpet Cleaning Edison is available immediately to come out. Our special tools and methods will prevent further damage and rescue your carpet and upholstery.

Keep Safe - Avoid Sewage Flooding

In these trying situations it’s important to act promptly or the damage to your home can be worsened - but our advice to you (based on past experience) is to call in a professional rather than trying to do it yourself. Working on your own could be dangerous to you and dangerous for your family in the long term, especially when the problem is sewage flooding.

If the issue is sewage waste flooding, keep your family (and yourself) and pets away from the flooding, since it will contain dangerous toxins that if touched or inhaled can make them ill.

Real Assistance

We bring in machinery that will pump out standing water and deal with any solid waste in the area. Soaked upholstery and walls will be dried and any mold or mildew that has developed will be treated. (In addition, our methods will prevent their spread.)

After we completely remove all the flooding and finalize the clean-up processes, your home will be sanitized and disinfected with non-toxic, all-natural cleaning solutions to protect the health of your family.

Finally, your carpets, rugs and furnishings are deodorized to leave you with a dry, safe and fresh home.

Our vast experience in water damage restoration, and newest tools and techniques, allows us to perform our job as efficiently as can be, and let you know you are in good hands.

Call Carpet Cleaning Edison for round-the-clock emergency assistance in Edison and NJ.

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