Ten Tips To Do At Home

Cleaning Tips From Our Own Homes:

  • We use these handy ideas to make cleaning our home easier and faster - after all, everyone wants to have more time to ones own!
  • Rotating your floor rugs every couple of months helps even our foot traffic. As a bonus, make sure your plants are not sitting on the rug - this will cause rot.
  • Running a cucumber slice over the stainless steel faucets will keep them shiny and clean.
  • Refresh your microwave from murky odors: Place a bowl of white vinegar in the microwave -- without turning it on - and allow to stand until the odor is gone. Wipe down
  • Use baking soda and water to wash dried soap foam off sinks and counters.
  • andle drippings on tablecloth will come out if you iron them on low after placing a piece of brown butchers over the wax.
  • And finally, when you find a piece of used chewing gum stuck to your rug, leave a frozen ice pack on it until it hardens, and peel the gum out of the fibers.
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