Carpet Cleaning

Wall to Wall Freshness 

Carpet in the home is comfortable and cozy, and fun to hang out on. Being underfoot, it doesn’t always get the attention it needs - by the time you begin to see marks and stains, it has already absorbed dirt, bacteria and minute insects into its fibers. Invisible, but there.

To keep your carpeting healthy for your family and home, let Carpet Cleaning Edison return your carpet back to the days when it was installed: fresh, clean, soft  to walk on and a beautiful addition to your home.

We are proud to offer you the reliable and trusted carpet cleaning and restoration solutions in Edison, NJ.

Our special combination of powerful vacuums and all-natural cleaning products will rid the carpet of surface dirt and deep-down germs; even difficult stains like coffee and wine won’t be able to stand up to them.

We will determine the proper cleaning method for your carpet based on its condition and history.

Organic cleaning for a deep, safe clean

An additional, important element of our cleaning process is to only use organic cleaning products. Natural products are non toxic and they will clean your carpets gently while removing all the ingrained dirt and marks.

And we ensure that after washing away irritating allergens from the carpet fibers, they are not replaced by harsh chemical residues.

By using organic cleaning products exclusively, we leave you carpet as healthy for you and your family as it is beautiful.

Your carpets will feel better, look better and keep better. Call us now in Edison for a free cleaning test that will show you the carpet cleaning you and your family deserve.

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