Upholstery Cleaning

Every Item Gets Special Care

Your home decor is made up of lovely pieces that you chose; bought from an edgy design store, or purchased on a second-hand store outing. Every piece looks exactly how you want it, and brings balance to your living room design. The rooms are just right - and beautiful.

Home furnishings see a lot of wear and tear, from guests, kids, pets and even just sitting there - dust and dry soil particles collect in the folds, allergens and bacteria lurk in the material. And that is without food spills and stains. Carpet Cleaning Edison is well aware of all possible cleaning issues, and is ready to help you handle them.

So before dirt and grime become ingrained and start to make your furniture look old and dingy, and to counter all the invisible things hidden away in the crevices, a professional upholstery cleaning is the right step to take.

In our free, no-obligation estimate, we can give you an exact price and discuss with you how each piece should be treated (steam cleaning, shampoo cleaning or dry cleaning, etc.)

We make your furniture new again

Our teams use only the most advanced hardware and gentle cleaning solutions to treat your furnishings. We are highly knowledgeable about cleaning all materials, even specialty coverings  like leather. (And our excellent leather cleaning is topped off with special conditioning that makes the upholstery shiny and supple, adding more protection.)

We use non-toxic, certified-organic products that safely eliminate dirt and tough stains and remove dust and allergens from the folds. Our professional cleaning method also takes care of insect infestations and prevents future mold and mildew.

Talk to us about your cleaning needs in Edison, NJ.

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